Friday , June 14 2024

Cameroon Rolls Out First World’s Malaria Vaccine

As the first nation in Africa to introduce a new malaria vaccination for children, Cameroon is poised to create history.

With its start on Monday, this project represents a major turning point in the decades-long fight against the malaria virus, which is responsible for 95% of malaria deaths worldwide. The disease is spread by mosquitoes in Africa.

“The vaccination will save lives. It will provide major relief to families and the country’s health system,” said Aurelia Nguyen, chief program officer at the Gavi vaccines alliance, which is helping Cameroon secure the shots.

In a bold initiative, Cameroon aims to vaccinate approximately 250,000 children this year and the next, showcasing its commitment to combating malaria.

Partnering with Gavi, the country is part of a collaborative effort involving 20 African nations, with a collective goal of immunising over 6 million children by 2025.

Africa grapples with a staggering 250 million cases of malaria annually, resulting in 600,000 deaths, predominantly among young children.

Cameroon’s strategy involves deploying the recently approved Mosquirix vaccine, endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) two years ago.

While acknowledging its imperfections, WHO recognized the vaccine’s potential to significantly reduce severe infections and hospitalizations.

Produced by GlaxoSmithKline, Mosquirix boasts approximately 30% effectiveness, necessitating four doses with protection waning after several months.

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