Friday , June 14 2024

Death Toll Surpasses 5000 in Wake of Destructive Libyan Storm

Officials claim that there have been more than 5,000 documented deaths in eastern Libya following a deadly storm.

On Monday, a hospital director in the area told reporters that his facility had recorded 1,700 bodies, and an additional 500 had been interred elsewhere in the city.

After three days of catastrophic floods, a desperate search for thousands of missing persons continues in Derna, Libya.

Thousands of deaths have already been officially confirmed, and more deaths are ominously expected.

A strong storm caused the devastating flood that submerged a large area of the Mediterranean city. This storm broke local dams, causing an unrelenting flood of water that destroyed structures and took the lives of their occupants.

Mustafa Salem, a native of Derna, told reporters that 30 members of his family had already died.

On Wednesday, it was also possible to observe vehicles hauling bulldozers and assistance convoys travelling in the direction of the city.

A startling alteration may be seen when comparing satellite images obtained before and after the accident.

The once-tiny river in the heart of the city has significantly widened, and the buildings that once lined its banks have all vanished.

As a result of floodwaters escaping from the river, other areas of the city also clearly show indications of major destruction, with structures noticeably missing.

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