Friday , June 14 2024

Emergency Responders Rescue Three Accident Victims at Ojuelegba

On Sunday night at Ojuelegba Inward Stadium on Funsho Williams Avenue, Surulere, Lagos, emergency personnel from the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), the Police, and other agencies assisted in the rescue of three victims from a stuck saloon car.

It was gathered that a 40ft container fell on top of a Toyota Corolla car (JJJ 811 FB) at the top of Ojuelegba bridge inwards Stadium.

Of the three casualties rescued from the Toyota Corolla saloon car, only one (male) came out uninjured and was allowed to go immediately.

A Lasema ambulance was used to rush the final two victims—a female and an adult male—to the hospital.

Surulere Police Division officers were on the spot to provide the necessary security.

The service lane was used as a detour when the entire Ojuelegba bridge leading to the stadium was temporarily closed.

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