Friday , June 14 2024

Israeli National Kidnapped for Ransom in Northern Ethiopia

An Israeli national has been abducted in northern Ethiopia’s Gondar region, according to a statement from the foreign ministry on Tuesday.

Without providing any other information, it stated that a complaint of an Israeli being kidnapped had been received on Monday.

“The Department for Israelis Abroad is in contact with his family members in Israel and is working with Interpol on the matter,” the statement said.

“The Israeli consul in Ethiopia is in contact with local security officials in order to obtain the safe release of the Israeli citizen without delay,” it added.

Since the controversial decision by Ethiopia’s federal government earlier this year to disband regional forces and incorporate them into the national army or regional police, the restive Amhara region has been the scene of violence.

According to Ethiopian federal authorities, dissolving the Amhara Special Forces (ASF) and other militia organizations in Ethiopia’s 11 regions and incorporating them into the federal army or police will create a strong and unified force in a nation where divisions have resulted in tens of thousands of fatalities over the past fifty years.

The federal government is currently enforcing the terms of the peace agreement with Tigray, which includes the disarmament and incorporation of the ASF into the national army.

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