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Judith Suminwa Tuluka: DRC Names First Female Prime Minister

In a historic announcement, Judith Suminwa Tuluka, the esteemed economist and former planning minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), was appointed as the nation’s inaugural female prime minister, marking a significant milestone in African political history.

The declaration was broadcasted nationwide by state television on Monday.

Stepping into the role previously held by Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde, Prime Minister Tuluka’s appointment comes in the wake of President Felix Tshisekedi’s resounding re-election victory on December 20th.

President Tshisekedi secured a commanding 73.47 percent of the vote, signaling a momentous triumph amidst a backdrop of historical challenges within the country.

Although the electoral process unfolded with relative peace, the opposition decried the legitimacy of the ballot, branding it as a charade. Logistical hurdles prompted an official extension of the voting period, with polls remaining open for additional days in remote regions of the country.

With overwhelming support from parties aligned with President Tshisekedi, who secured more than 90 percent of parliamentary seats, the political landscape is poised for cohesion, facilitating smoother legislative processes to enact the president’s ambitious agenda.

Prime Minister Tuluka assumes her role with a formidable mandate: to advance the president’s stated priorities of fostering employment opportunities, empowering youth and women, and fostering national unity within the diverse tapestry of the DRC’s 100 million inhabitants.

President Tshisekedi’s initial ascent to power in 2019 was fueled by promises to ameliorate the socio-economic conditions prevalent in the resource-rich yet impoverished DRC, and to quell the longstanding conflicts that have plagued the eastern regions for over two decades.

Despite encountering challenges in fulfilling these pledges, he sought re-election on the basis of notable achievements, including the implementation of free primary healthcare services, advocating for another term to further solidify these gains.

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