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Marriage is a life sentence – Charly Boy

Veteran singer and social activist Charles Oputa, also known as Charly Boy, has said reports he is planning to end his marriage are untrue.


In a post on his Twitter page earlier this week, he wrote, “Folks, if I told you I was single again after more than 45 years of marriage with my wife, what would you say?”


He added: “I have said that this marriage thing is not easy.


However, in an interview with Saturday Beats, Area Fada said: “Some people ask me how I managed to stay married for 45 years.


“Every year there are rumors that I want a divorce. This isn’t the first time; it’s actually been like this for 20 years. That’s how people see things because we all think differently.”



Discussing why he made this social media post, he said, “Young people generally believe that love is all they need to be to get married, which is what I meant to say (in my social media post).When I speak, people should think more deeply. I’ve been married for 45 years.


“I wanted to know how many people have been inspired by my marriage. It’s not that I want a divorce. It is normal.However, it seems that when I talk to people, they don’t listen to me.


When asked how he thinks people who look up to him felt when he implied he was tired of being married, False Shepherd said: “Why will those who look up to me , discouraged? Am I lying and saying that marriage is easy? Besides, marriage isn’t for everyone.


Speaking about why he still finds marriage a challenge despite nearly five decades, he said, “Marriage is going to be a challenge, especially when the kids are gone. So only two people will face each other, especially in this kind of toxic environment. Being tolerant does not even guarantee that the marriage will be problem-free. You must work on your marriage until you die.

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