Friday , June 14 2024

Reactions as Angry Mob Brutalise Tricyclist Over Religious Activity in Lagos Community

Nigerians on Social media erupted following an incident in the Egbeda community in Lagos where mob allegedly brutalised a tricyclist (keke napep) after he expressed himself about them blocking the road whilst praying.

An X (Twitter) user with the handle @iamAbiodunAA said: “That thing we (Muslims) do where we block major or public roads to pray, we need to stop it!!! Islam doesn’t support it! Thats why we have mosques! No be only us dey world o.

Someone spoke against it bcus his livelihood was disrupted and our brothers started beating him up IMMEDIATELY after Solat Ko bosi rara o. No be wetin Quran teach be this o. Islam preaches peace and harmony.”

In a video that surfaced online, the mob was seen beating the tricyclist after he expressed displeasure at the location of their religious activity.

A Twitter influencer with the handle @letter_to_jack said: “If you see any news about someone being dehumanised or lynched for religious reasons in Naija, you can play a guess game and be 100% spot on with the people involved.

“All Lagosians, and South Westerners at large, regardless of religious affiliation, must come together to condemn the heinous act that happened in Egbeda (as reported) yesterday.

“There can be no room for religious extremism and violence in Yorubaland. In our land, we are known for peaceful co-existence and tolerance, especially on matters of religion. We cannot import religious barbarism into our social system.

“The Governor of Lagos State and the Commissioner of Police in Lagos must make a statement condemning the act, and commit extra resources into letting the perpetrators know that we don’t condone animalistic behavior here.”

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