Friday , June 14 2024

Scores of Civilians Injured in Johannesburg Bus Crash

Tuesday’s collision of two buses at the entrance to a university in South Africa resulted in at least 77 injuries, five of which were considered life-threatening, according to police and transportation officials.

The University of Johannesburg used one bus to transport students between its campuses, and the other was a city bus.

One of the buses crashed through a barrier at a university gate, flipping over on its side in the aftermath.

After the crash, it looked like the second bus struck a concrete bus stop head-on. The accident happened around 7 a.m., authorities said.

Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department spokesperson Xolani Fihla said a case of negligent driving would be opened by police. The cause of the crash was not yet known, Fihla said.

The University of Johannesburg said three of its students were among those taken to the hospital, while other students with minor injuries were treated at the university’s medical centre.

The university was also offering counselling to those involved in the crash, it said.

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