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Six Civilians Missing After Building Collapse Near Conakry

Six people, including a child, are missing after the collapse of a six-storey building under construction in a suburb of the Guinean capital Conakry, local sources told newsmen on Tuesday.

Late on Monday afternoon, the collapse occurred. According to a local authority and a worker on the scene, “there are five workers and a child under the rubble.”

According to sources, the structure was situated between other residential and commercial structures in a calm area of Matoto, south of Conakry.

At the scene, where rescuers and members of the civil protection team were working to try and find any survivors under the wreckage, an impressive security force of police and gendarmes had been deployed.

“This building was part of a social housing project launched by the Guinean government to house public sector workers”, explained the local councillor.

“The workers had already finished the fifth slab and were starting to build the sixth when everything collapsed. For the moment, none of the people buried are responding to the calls of the rescuers. But we’re still hoping for a miracle by rescuing some of the workers trapped under the rubble”, said a worker on the site.

The business MAK BTP, which is in charge of constructing social housing in this Conakry suburb, was doing the construction work.

In recent years, relatives of key government officials have founded a large number of construction and public works enterprises in Guinea. Conakry experiences yearly construction-related building collapses.

The sector is particularly harmed by a lack of oversight of the work by the Ministry of Urban Planning and Housing’s services, which some site owners suspect of corruption.

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