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South African Activist Carl Niehaus Leaves Ruling ANC

Former ANC spokesperson and member Carl Niehaus, who recently announced his departure from the ruling party following a series of suspensions and disciplinary processes against him has announced the formation of radical economic transformation (RET).

Niehaus took to his social media handles to announce the news, stating that the ANC is no longer the party to take RET policies forward.

Niehaus said that this new movement will be home with other disgruntled members of the ANC, who with, he is building to challenge ANC’s lack of fortitude.

The former uMkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans’ Association (MKMVA) spokesperson said the ANC has been destroyed by saboteurs, adding that the ANC was no longer the same ANC he joined 43 years ago at the age of 19.


 South African Activist Carl Niehaus Leaves Ruling ANC (


“The full liberation of black people, and especially African South Africans, will now have to be pursued through renewed initiatives and a new progressive movement such as this one that we are now undertaking to establish.


“There is no one inside the ANC who has the interests at heart to pursue RET policies. It has become necessary for some of us to pursue these through the launch and establishment of what will be called the Radical Economic Transformation Movement. This will be a new broad civil society and political movement that will work for the full liberation of the people of South Africa,” he said.


Niehuas says although he is not formation a political party yet, but said that at the moment the new movement will remain a civil society movement that accepts members from other opposition political parties.

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