Friday , June 14 2024

US Murder Suspect Kelvin Kangethe Breaks Free From Prison in Kenya

A man suspected of killing his girlfriend in the US and fleeing to Kenya has escaped custody at a police station in Nairobi.

Kelvin Kangethe, 41, was apprehended last week following a search, but managed to leave the Muthaiga Police Station unnoticed.

Despite being detained for possible extradition, Kangethe allegedly fled after a visitor claiming to be his lawyer facilitated his departure during a private meeting.

He had been sought by authorities since abandoning his girlfriend’s body at Boston Logan International Airport last October before fleeing to Kenya. Kangethe has not publicly addressed the accusations against him.

“After a short while the prisoner escaped by running away and left the lawyer behind,” the statement said.

At the time, all the officers were attending a separate meeting that had been called by the head of the station.

An eyewitness who works near the station told newsmen that police pursued Mr Kangethe, who was dressed in a black jacket.

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